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Our People
Our people are highly skilled in human dynamics, experts who guide people to those profound places where positive change, growth, and fulfillment occur.
We are in alliance with a wide network of qualified, experienced coaches, consultants and trainers from every discipline of organizational development. If we can't meet your training or development need we are happy to refer you to someone who can. Our core faculty are listed below.
Wendy Wallbridge
Photo of Wendy Wallbridge
Wendy Wallbridge, a pioneer in the coaching field has worked with individuals for over two decades to help them gain clarity of purpose, unlock their power and creativity, and make their mark in the world. Today, Wendy coaches clients to become their own best advocates, and to champion the expression of their values, passions and talents to make a difference wherever they work.
Wendy founded On Your Mark Corporate Coaching in 1993 when she saw the need for individuals to do work that was both meaningful to them and met the changing needs in the marketplace. Today, On Your Mark works with Fortune 100 leaders and teams to motivate and focus them to rise above challenges and create breakthrough outcomes. On Your Mark’s clients have included: Hewlett Packard, ABC-Disney, Wells Fargo, Ameritrade and SBC, among others. View Client List
Wendy is a sought after motivational speaker who has presented for such organizations as: UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Women In Technology International, the National Kidney Foundation and the Commonwealth Club. She has been interviewed by members of the print media including: Fortune Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times.
Wendy lives in Novato, California. Her hobbies include: dancing, singing and yoga. She is an enthusiastic supporter of The Hunger Project and The Pachamama Allliance, and volunteers her time with the Women Donors Network.
Thank you more than I can say—for your keen ability to observe, listen, and reflect my chaos in a meaningful way--for your practical, positive and insightful view of the world in general--and for changing my life and perspective, in ways that I could never have anticipated when contracting for a "coaching" (!!) experience. Having hired many coaches throughout my career (for other executives, as well as for myself), I feel qualified to say that you are truly unique—in your approach, in your ability to help others find their best way, and in the ultimate results. My thanks, my friend.
Denise Caruzzi, VP HR
Silicon Valley Bank

Randy Methven
Photo of Randy Metven
Randy is a senior facilitator and transformational coach with a superb track record in helping executives produce breakthroughs in the productivity and effectiveness of their people. Randy has served as an educator, consultant, senior executive, and curriculum and program leader for global businesses and educational institutions. A world-class strategist, Randy specializes in helping leaders succeed in times of rapid growth by effectively dealing with the human side of change. She has designed and led training and development programs for over 100,000 people worldwide. Randy is a dynamic and entertaining speaker whose humorous insights and leading edge ideas engage participants, stimulate learning, and inspire action.
Randy and her husband, Mark, are devoted students of ballroom dancing. They’ve raised two wonderful children, Amanda and Adam.
I admire more and more your directness. Sometimes we need a slap up side the head. But what sticks with me is the economy of it. Your key comments took almost no time in our meeting but often changed the direction of the conversation, and my thinking, on the spot. Today, many things you said in those direct moments I remember mentally and viscerally. they made a difference. I owe you.
John L. Wilson, PhD
Coordinator, Information Warehousing
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

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